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Last week, I set up a short survey on what players want from the future of GTA Online. 'Motor Wars' sees players parachuting into a play area that periodically gets smaller and smaller. These games' come across as more grounded than their contemporaries, but you can easily see the echoes of titles like San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto 4 shining through their design.

At higher ranks additional gameplay abilities will also become available through contacts on the player's mobile phone , such as asking Lester Crest to remove a Wanted Level , set a bounty on other players or calling Merryweather to conduct an airstrike.

Rockstar hasn't revealed many details, other than that the expansion will be massive,” but it's sure to benefit from an increased player base as a result of the next two weeks. If you played Grand Theft Auto V on consoles, the plot is the same. They quickly patched being able to immediately replay the same job request over and over after some players grinded their way to earning the most expensive apartment.

The original update that added Online Mode caused a little-known bug for a number of unlucky players who found their single-player games utterly broken, with all mission hubs inaccessible and progress rendered impossible as a result. If you like playing with children half your age, never being able to complete any sort of mission, and only being able to get money off of races then this is for you! Enter GTA Online via the Character Select Wheel or the Pause Menu. Rockstar, the game's developer, have dealt with those who don't play fair by exiling them to an alternate game universe dubbed the cheater's pool”. Completed videos can be uploaded directly from the Rockstar Editor to YouTube and the Rockstar Games Social Club for easy sharing.

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